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Just had to re-post this sharing on the “muscle of the soul”… our psoas, that helps us s-t-r-e-t-c-h- into more of our embodiment… enjoy! and please click on the links for the original article to be found on

Blessings! Rain & Co.

How to Release the Stress stored in our Bodies

By Jacob Devaney on Monday January 18th, 2016


Taking time to unlock the ‘muscle of the soul’

Do you spend much time sitting in front of a computer, on a plane, in a car? If so your hips may be locked up which effects your ability to dance, but worse than that it may be causing you undue stress and fear. The Psoas Muscle, is a long muscle located on the side of the lumbar region of the vertebral column and brim of the pelvis, that is also known as the “muscle of the soul”.

It is one of the largest muscles in the body and it is a place where we often store stress or trauma that can literally influence our mood and our outlook on life. We recently explored in depth just how much fear can inhibit our ability to think clearly thus creating an unhealthy perspective that can harm us and those around us. Now let’s look at where that fear might be stored in our body, and a few ways to release it.

In humans, the extremes of the two polarities might appropriately be described as LOVE (+) and FEAR (- ). Love fuels growth. In contrast, fear stunts growth. – Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

How to release stress stored in your bodyIf you spend long hours sitting, your hips may be locked up, causing you undue stress and fear

How built up stress makes us easy to manipulate

Being in a state of fear allows us to be easily manipulated. Advertisers and politicians have learned to capitalize on this biological aspect of humans also known as the lizard brain. Unfortunately our fast-paced lifestyles (mentally), combined with our relatively stagnate physical activity (driving, working at computer, etc.) causes our bodies to be ineffective at releasing built up stress which manifests in our thoughts as fear or anxiety.

Lizard brain refers to the oldest part of the brain, the brain stem, responsible for primitive survival instincts such as aggression and fear (flight or fight) – Joseph Troncale M.D., Psychology Today

Alt text hereThe effects of stress on the body

Where is a majority of the stress stored?

It is often stored in one of the largest muscles in our body, the psoas. This muscle stretches from our lower trunk through our hips into the top of our thighs, it is used for core stability and the fight flight reflex. Every time we see something that startles us (real or perceived threat) like an animal crossing the road while we drive, or a violent scene in a movie, our brain sends signals our body to respond by releasing epinephrine (adrenaline).

The muscle that is most central to our fight/flight response is the psoas. When we don’t respond, these stress hormones go unspent and become stored in the body. This can bring many health problems including insomnia, lowered immune system, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and living in a constant state of fear or alert.

Because the psoas is so intimately involved in such basic physical and emotional reactions, a chronically tightened psoas continually signals your body that you’re in danger, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and depleting the immune system. As you learn to approach the world without this chronic tension, psoas awareness can open the door to a more sensitive attunement to your body’s inner signals about safety and danger, and to a greater sense of inner peace. – Liz Koch, Author of The Psoas Book

Yoga for psoasThere are many yoga poses to stretch the psoas muscle

Therapeutic Approach

Since stress accumulates on an unconscious level, healing our bodies is a process that must happen consciously. There is no single way to do this, it requires gradual lifestyle changes and a daily practice. Craniosacral Therapy is powerful because it helps teach our body how to relax into a parasympathetic state which relaxes the nervous system. This gentle and non-invasive approach helps us bring awareness to and melt away the stress stored within us.

To work with the psoas is not to try to control the muscle, but to cultivate the awareness necessary for sensing its messages.  This involves making a conscious choice to become somatically aware. – Liz Koch, Author of The Psoas Book

Yoga and Personal Practice

The best doctor is already within you. There is no replacement for cultivating a practice that heals, replenishes, and relaxes you from the in-side, out. There are numerous yoga poses that can help you on your journey of releasing this stress, anxiety, and fear stored within your psoas. Yoga calls this “the muscle of the soul” so any focus here is sure to give great results to your overall well-being. Yoga International seems to have a comprehensive list of photos and descriptions of poses that can start you on your journey.

A 5-minute routine to stretch the Psoas

If you spend as much time stretching your psoas muscle every day as you just did reading this article, you will notice some big changes in your life. First you may begin catching a lot of attention on the dance floor, but more importantly you will loosen your mind from the grips of fear and anxiety. It comes down to a conscious choice to live in trust and love instead of fear and anxiety, and that choice has to be followed by real-world action. It all starts within!

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Jacob Devaney

Founder and director of Culture Collective, creative activist, musician, and producer.

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embracing “metamorphosis”

welcoming change…

The image of the butterfly has been arising in my world – in the drawings of my children (see images below) and my own journey work plus ceremonial medicine.

While travelling home with my ten year old daughter from school today, sharing the image of the butterfly which her brother had drawn, that I wished to use on my website – she blurted out “metamorphosis“.

“Metamorphosis” I stated, as though a question? In the moment I was wondering whether I had heard exactly what she said.

“That’s right, you heard me”, she stated firmly and with a teasing smile that met my incredulous gaze.

The night before, I had been in ceremony with an online group; we each received a key from our guides – an oracle. Mine was “metamorphosis” and the image of butterflies…

My daughter continued to explain how she very much wished to see the word “metamorphosis” integrated on my new business card, alongside the butterflies.

Wow. All these signs, alongside the potency of this symbol in the realms of magic, firmly encouraging me to continue with this path of transformation (an alchemical wonderland) as I embrace metamorphosis in my own life, as well as hold sacred space for others in their own process, also.

Gabe Star sketch (3).jpg

I am birthing a new form for my work in this world, finding my way delicately as I shape how I participate as an earth medicine keeper, educator, therapist, and counsellor.

Watch this space…. remembering kindly that the butterfly undergoes deep metamorphosis within its own cocoon – an absolute transmutation of one existence (as a worm) mushed up as compost, to emerge as a winged creature, ready to take flight –

How the butterfly strengthens her wings, is the fight to free herself from the cocoon – without which, the wings are insipid, and lack the stamina for take off…

Gabe Star sketch (2).jpg

Such a profound metaphor for our journey in life – taking the time to dissolve fully, and all the time needed to return – the freedom of fulfilment in flight coming only if the butterfly was allowed the arduous exercise of beating its wings out the cocoon!

I am a shape-shifter inside myself, and this dissolution, change, and then strengthening within each unique cycle allows me the gift of perspective…

(although oft-times done in quiet, alchemical darkness over a passage of time) this process has gifted me the strength, resilience, spaciousness, and light body vessel to facilitate much transformational, multi-dimensional healing frequencies, on our globe;

In holding space for metamorphosis within our embodiment, I renew.

This life is a journey across many different faces – I look forward to meeting with you either in person, or virtually, as our worlds provide;

My offer is that of a time carved out for healing grace, in welcoming wholeness, and anchoring resilience despite the process of it all.

The menu of my offerings will be available in due course.

Gabe Star sketch.jpg

May love, light, wellness and healing frequencies grace your life ~

Aloha! Namaste. Aho,

Rain & Co.

“Believe You Will Achieve”