embracing “metamorphosis”

welcoming change…

The image of the butterfly has been arising in my world – in the drawings of my children (see images below) and my own journey work plus ceremonial medicine.

While travelling home with my ten year old daughter from school today, sharing the image of the butterfly which her brother had drawn, that I wished to use on my website – she blurted out “metamorphosis“.

“Metamorphosis” I stated, as though a question? In the moment I was wondering whether I had heard exactly what she said.

“That’s right, you heard me”, she stated firmly and with a teasing smile that met my incredulous gaze.

The night before, I had been in ceremony with an online group; we each received a key from our guides – an oracle. Mine was “metamorphosis” and the image of butterflies…

My daughter continued to explain how she very much wished to see the word “metamorphosis” integrated on my new business card, alongside the butterflies.

Wow. All these signs, alongside the potency of this symbol in the realms of magic, firmly encouraging me to continue with this path of transformation (an alchemical wonderland) as I embrace metamorphosis in my own life, as well as hold sacred space for others in their own process, also.

Gabe Star sketch (3).jpg

I am birthing a new form for my work in this world, finding my way delicately as I shape how I participate as an earth medicine keeper, educator, therapist, and counsellor.

Watch this space…. remembering kindly that the butterfly undergoes deep metamorphosis within its own cocoon – an absolute transmutation of one existence (as a worm) mushed up as compost, to emerge as a winged creature, ready to take flight –

How the butterfly strengthens her wings, is the fight to free herself from the cocoon – without which, the wings are insipid, and lack the stamina for take off…

Gabe Star sketch (2).jpg

Such a profound metaphor for our journey in life – taking the time to dissolve fully, and all the time needed to return – the freedom of fulfilment in flight coming only if the butterfly was allowed the arduous exercise of beating its wings out the cocoon!

I am a shape-shifter inside myself, and this dissolution, change, and then strengthening within each unique cycle allows me the gift of perspective…

(although oft-times done in quiet, alchemical darkness over a passage of time) this process has gifted me the strength, resilience, spaciousness, and light body vessel to facilitate much transformational, multi-dimensional healing frequencies, on our globe;

In holding space for metamorphosis within our embodiment, I renew.

This life is a journey across many different faces – I look forward to meeting with you either in person, or virtually, as our worlds provide;

My offer is that of a time carved out for healing grace, in welcoming wholeness, and anchoring resilience despite the process of it all.

The menu of my offerings will be available in due course.

Gabe Star sketch.jpg

May love, light, wellness and healing frequencies grace your life ~

Aloha! Namaste. Aho,

Rain & Co.

“Believe You Will Achieve”